Coronavirus – Latest as of 1st June 2020

Dear Members

As you know, we have been adhering to the LTA’s guidelines throughout this epidemic, ensuring that our members can safely enjoy the beneficial aspects of playing tennis.  Following the changes to the guidance  for coaches, players and clubs announced on Sunday 31st May, specific rules for Club members, which have been sent by email to all members, are contained in Covid General Instructions (31 May 20)


New Members post-Covid Lockdown very Welcome

The Club’s fees have been set for the period 1st August 2020 – 31st April 2021.  They are in line with last year’s prices.  See ‘Joining the Club’ tab for details.  Anyone wishing to join to play tennis straightaway should contact our Membership Secretary for further details.

Club Goings-On!

Although we employ a cleaner for routine activity throughout the year, members of the committee were recently out in force doing a deep-clean of the club premises.

Jane attending to door frames!

Sally cleaning windows!


Caroline deep cleans the kitchen!

Jim and Keith repairing a lighting switch!














Other members trimmed bushes inside and outside the club grounds.  The committee is always on the look out for members wanting to take a more active role in the running of the club.  If this is you, please let one of the committee members know!