Official Business

Executive Committee

Officers of the Club

Chairman: Vacant
Vice Chairman: Mark Wasilewski
Secretary: Keith Stockley – keithstockley[at] [at] = @
Treasurer: Judith Wildman – ju_wildman[at] [at] = @
Membership Secretary: Jane Welman – thrapstontennisclub[at] [at] = @

Ordinary Members

Webmaster: Jim Arkell – arkelljc[at] [at] = @
Marketing Member: Sally Hopkins
Maintenance Member: Adam Hughes – adam24asbefore[at] [at] = @
Entertainments Member: Caroline Arkell – arkelljc[at] [at] = @
Team and Tournaments Co-ordinator: Simon Hossack – simon_hossack[at] [at] =
Phil Taylor
Robert Welman
Will Pratt


Mr John Horrell
Mrs Mary Cheney


The Club Annual General Meeting was held on 24th April 2019.  A copy of the minutes may be obtained from the secretary.

Code of Practice

The code of practice for club members can be found here.  The code of practice refers to the LTA Disciplinary Code, a copy of which can be downloaded here.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

The Club’s data protection and privacy policy is available at GDPR Policy v1.

Diversity & Inclusion Policy

The Club’s diversity & inclusion policy is available at Diversity & Inclusion Policy – Aug 18.

Safeguarding Policy

The Club’s safeguarding policy is available at safeguarding-policy (Nov 18)

The Club’s Safeguarding whistle blowing policy is available at whistleblowing-policy (Nov 18)