The Club has an association with the coaching company R2R Tennis, whose details can be found at .   Coaching can be provided for children from the age of five years old through to adults wishing to improve their game, either in groups or taken as individual lessons.

Group Coaching Programme

Group coaching sessions are held on Thursdays and Saturdays as described on this leaflet:

Thrapston Tennis Club Coaching Programme

Please see the R2R website for details concerning course dates and fees payable to R2R:

Coaching Membership Fees

Unless you are a member of the club, you need to pay a coaching membership fee to have coaching lessons.  The fee is additional to the charges by R2R for group and individual coaching.  The Coaching Membership Fee is £10 per year for non-member children 12 years old and younger.  For other non-members, the Coaching Membership Fee is £30, available for one year only.  In subsequent years players aged 13 years and older must then join the club and pay the appropriate general membership fee*.

Because a Coaching Membership only entitles the recipient to attend coaching classes, newcomers are encouraged to join as Club Members* to enjoy all the benefits on offer, including access to the club (via a key fob) and general use of courts.   R2R coaches will ensure that an application with the appropriate fee is completed and passed to the Club Membership Secretary when coaching commences.  For those (especially younger children) who are unsure whether a group coaching course is right for them, R2R will usually offer attendance at one or two coaching sessions before R2R and Membership fees are collected.   This concession is not available for people undertaking individual coaching.

*Club Memberships include Family, Couples and various Individual memberships, the details for which can be found on the “Joining the Club” tab.

Prior to beginning any course of instruction, parents, guardians or players will need to complete a Coaching Membership Application Form.  This will be handed out by your coach or you can download and complete one in advance here: Coaching Membership Form 2020 v1.

Individual Coaching Fees

Individual coaching may also be arranged by making contact with one of the coaches below.

Coach LTA Qualification Cost/hr
Adult Junior (<16)
Richard Wilson Level 3 £30 £23
Maddee Blair Level 3 £22 £20
Todd Wasilewski Level 2 £20 £18
Will Pratt Level 1 (hitting only) £6 (30 mins)

£10 (1 hr)

£6 (30 mins)

£10 (1 hr)

The Coaches

Richard Wilson – Head Coach

Will Pratt – Assistant Professional Coach.

Todd Wasilewski

Maddee Blair
07977 753614