2011/12 Season

Thrapston Quartet Victorious (Extract from Evening Standard) – 25th February 2012

A team of four players from Thrapston recently emerged as winners of a mini-red competition involving five different clubs at Oakham.

Thrapston Quartet Victorious

The quartet of Zoe Chisnall, Josie Phillips, Hugh Roberts and Joseph White represented Thrapston’s A team in the event and they posted an impressive 14 wins in total, one more than runners-up Stamford who fielded Lucy James, Harry Atkin, William Stanier and Will Barker.

The impact being made by the R2R coaching policy at Thrapston was further re-inforced by the fact that in the six-team event, Thrapston’s B team finished in third place with nine wins.  Also taking part were Oundle, Oakham and Bourne.  Each team entered four players seeded 1-4 with each individual facing their opposite number during the day.

Organiser and coach Peter Harding said:

“It was the first time many of the players had found themselves in a tourament situation with a few experienced players amongst the teams.  It was a great way to get the young players used to playing competitively but also in a friendly atmosphere.”

2012 has been another busy and successful year for the club with a full programme of events, excellent coaching and with some very good results for our teams in the East Northants League.

East Northants League Table Results for 2011

Here are the results for 2011. Once again an excellent result for the club with Thrapston now enjoying 3 teams in the mens first division with the C team being promoted to Division 1.


Kettering A – 53 points
Corby A – 28 points
Thrapston A – 27 points
Thrapston B – 22 points
Corby B – 20 points
Geddington A – 16 points
Ferrers & Rushden – 15 points
Kettering B – 13 pints


Thrapston C – 39 points
Corby C – 39 points
Geddington B – 35 points
Rockingham – 34points
Burton Latimer A – 25 points
Desborough – 22 points
Oundle – 14 points
Kettering C – 12 points


Burton Latimer B – 47 points
Finedon A – 39.5 points
Corby D – 29 points
Finedon B – 24.5 points
Thrapston D – 20 points


Corby – 35 points
Rockingham – 34 points
Ferrers & Rushden – 33 points
Thrapston – 24 points
Oundle – 16 points
Kettering – 14 points
Burton Latimer – 8 points


Kettering A – 43 points
Kettering B – 35 points
Rockingham – 27 points
Thrapston A – 26 points
Ferrers & Rushden – 16 points
Thrapston B – 14 points
Desborough – 7 points


Corby – 30 points
Geddington – 25 points
Burton Latimer A – 21 points
Burton Latimer B – 15 points
Finedon – 15 points
Oundle – 10 points


Corby Indoor Tennis Centre B  vs Thrapston

Thrapston took part in their first ever Mini Orange match in the Northants Aegon League against a very good Corby team.  Inspite of losing, the Thrapston team comprising Sophie, Hollie, Joshua and Kira gave very good accounts of themselves.

The first matches consisted of doubles games.  Sophie and Hollie unfortunately lost 7-0, 7-1 against 2 very strong Corby players.  The girls worked hard and were involved in numerous rallies.  Joshua and Kira also played well, showing great determination, but loosing in a closer encounter 7-3, 7-2.

Singles matches then followed.  Sophie played the Corby number 1 and lost 7-0, 7-0 in her first ever competitive singles.  It wasn’t the easiest match to start off with but she continued to try her best.  Hollie then played Corby number 2 and lost 7-2,  7-0,  executing some great shots which the Corby player was able to fend off.  Joshua played Corby number 3.  This match was closely fought with Josh managing to win the first tie break 7-9 with some wonderfully placed shots.  The Corby player fought back and won the 2nd tie break 7-3 before claiming the 3rd tie break as well 7-5 in a very close match.  Kira played Corby number 4 again; this time Corby didn’t have it all their own way.  They took the first tie break 7-4 but Kira played really well and took the 2nd tie break 3-7 before finally losing the 3rd tie break 7-3.  She made the Corby player work very in some long rallies.

The reverse fixtures were even closer.  Hollie took on Corby number 1 and lost 7-1, 7-1 but played many good shots and worked very hard.  The Corby number 1 player was very good and showed why she was number 1 by coming out on top.  Sophie then played Corby number 2, pushing her all the way in a fine match with both players hitting great shots and fighting for every point.  The Corby player came out on top in both tie breaks 8-6, 8-6.  Joshua was up next against Corby number 4.  He moved the Corby player about resulting in some fine tennis, taking the first tie break 2-7; however, Corby fought back taking the 2nd tie break 8-6.  The final tie break was even closer before finally Joshua won 8-10 to give Thrapston their first match win, which was fully deserved.  Kira played in the last match against Corby number 3.  Both Tie breaks were very close but unfortunately it was Corby again who took the win 8-6, 11-9.  Kira was really unlucky as she played very well.

Head coach Pete Harding said:

I’m very proud of all my players in their first match.  Sophie and Hollie showed they were going to battle for everything no matter what happened.  Joshua was determined to get to every ball and try to keep it in play, and Kira served really well and made sure her opponents worked hard if they were going to win.  Despite the result I couldn’t have asked any more of my team and they should be really pleased with themselves.