2019/20 Reports

Reports covering the period 1 May 19 – 30 Apr 20

Ladies’ Double Tournament – Sunday 2nd June 2019

Rachel’s correct technique!

Sunday 2 June Ladies Doubles Tournament was held at the tennis club in bright, sunny conditions. Organised by Caroline Arkell, 8 ladies participated in 4 doubles teams in a round-robin, 1 set format. Each team was drawn out of a hat. Overall winners were Sally Hopkins and Rachel Danby winning all 3 sets 6-3, 6-1 and 6-2. The runners-up were Belynda Faulkner and Dawn Brown. Rachel showing how to strike the ball correctly! Nice posing ladies!

Winners Rachel and Sally



Men’s Singles Tournament – Sunday 2nd June 2019

Singles Winner – Phil Taylor

Twelve men took part in the Singles Tournament on Sunday 2 June in the afternoon including last year’s winner, Alex Wasilewski. Players were seeded into 2 groups of 6 with each participant playing 5 rounds of 15 mins duration against each player in the group. Group winners were Phil Taylor, who won all 5 of his rubbers and Eddie Savin, who won 4 and drew 1.

The eventual winner should have been decided by a 1 set match between Phil and Eddie. Unfortunately rain interfered with play towards the end of the day so it was decided by mutual consent to award the trophy to Phil, seen here holding his trophy aloft in time-honoured fashion! Well done to all players for taking part in an enjoyable afternoon of competitive tennis and thanks to Simon Hossack for helping to run the event and play in lieu of an absentee!

American Doubles Tournament – Sunday 7th July

Thanks to Mark Wasilewski, our new Deputy Chairman, for organising an American Doubles Tournament and submitting the following report!

The crowds had taken all the car parking space for miles. Fun and unexpected mixed tennis partnerships were formed to entertain the gathering. But, despite the local soccer tournament blocking access and Andy and Serena’s entertaining performance at Wimbledon, the men and ladies of Thrapston & District Tennis Club gathered to try and make sense of the order of play for the American Tournament.

The weather was kind; warm and pleasant with a little need for sun cream, but not so stifling as to make 3 hours of tennis a chore. Mind you, the delicious cakes, chilled Prosecco and ripe strawberries and super thick double cream, were sufficient distractions and sustenance needed for those running around tennis courts.

The competition was fierce, but both Caroline’s lemon cake and Tigger’s orange cake were deemed worthy joint yummy winners, and so rang the bells of nearby St Clements (a bit of poetic license I’m afraid).

On the courts, the behaviour was most polite in most instances. Jim came closest to a stewards’ enquiry when throwing down his racket for the second time, but was saved by the stalwart defence of his now abandoned partner Judith. Alex gave her a gentle rally run around whilst Jim thought about reclaiming his racket from the nearby fence. He returned just in time to witness Judith relinquishing the point.

The match referee was called in to settle a dispute Judith had with herself about whether she should lose the point because the ball hit her foot first whilst standing a metre behind the baseline. Her partner (possibly Phil Taylor) suggested that rules such as that would not be enforced. Such insubordination can quickly lead to unrest and possibly unnecessary strife. So the Match Referee (Mark), acted swiftly, decisively and with the wisdom of Solomon (none of which until now had been seen in the organisation of the tournament), to declare Judith was right to think the point would be awarded against her.

It was good to see such a broad range of ages with teenies Will and Todd at one end of the age spectrum and with, errr, others at the other end.

In the first half of the draw, two players quickly stood out for the lead. Alex got off to a flyer with 13 games after just two rounds, three clear of Oliver. Round by round, though, Oliver clawed back this gap. The final round was his ‘rest round’ so he had an angst ridden watch from the veranda as the clubhouse leader on 29 points – at least he won’t have to cut his fingernails for another month or so.

On court, Alex was playing with Pauline against his sibling Todd partnered with Will. Getting three games would leave him tied with Oliver, not just on games, but wins and head to head. But unlike his serve, he managed to hold his nerve and sneaked a 4-3 win and with it the top of the final leader-board.

In the lower half (mainly female) the last round did not have Tigger involved, but she was a joint leader in the clubhouse with Judith, closely followed by Pauline. But Jane had a storming last round soaking up six points with Chris to leapfrog the tightly place pack to sneak a win. She had also managed to sneak off before either knowing this or collecting her prize – the downside, along with the washing up, of having dinner guests.

As Mark said, “It was a really well-run and, apart from the faults, an almost faultless event, with a great atmosphere, played in a generous and sporting spirit, and if I had not left them at home, great prizes.”

For the record, attendees were Caroline and Jim Arkell, Helen Thomas and Phil Taylor, Judith Wildman, Richard Male, Pauline Stamper, Will Pratt, Jane Welman, Oliver Love, Chris Bull and Tigger Wasilewska with offspring Alex and Todd – see picture below.