2015/16 Season

Details from 1 May 2015 – 30 April 2016

Men’s and Ladies’ Friendly Tournament – 26 July 2015

The tournament on 26th July 2015 was affected by rain to the extent that the men had to curtail their matches after an hour or so during the morning, while the ladies matches, which were due to be help in the afternoon, had to be scrubbed altogether.  Thanks go to Simon Hossack for running the event.

Mixed Tournament and BBQ – 13 September 2015

A successful and enjoyable mixed friendly tournament took place on Sunday 13th September under sunny skies and generally calm conditions!  Sixteen members participated with equal numbers of ladies and gentlemen.  Players were seeded and paired up with the top lady assigned to the bottom man and so on to create as many teams of equal ability as possible.  Each team then played 7 games against every other team with results being determined firstly by matches won then games won.  After 7 matches each (49 games) lasting almost 3 hrs from 1330pm – 1730pm, the winners were Susan Spendelow and Adam Hughes followed very closely by Mirian O’Reilly and Mark Alewood.  The event, which was organised by Jim and Caroline Arkell, was deemed a great success with good tennis and a most enjoyable, if not rather late, BBQ at the end of play!  Thanks go to the members who brought along lovely cakes and snacks and also to Simon Hossack as match coordinator who did an excellent job managing the score board and kept the event running on an even track.

Results of East Northants Summer League 2015

Men’s Division 1
Corby T.C.         47points
Kettering A         47
Kettering B        36
Thrapston A       32
Geddington        21
Geddington B    17
Rockingham      16
Desborough       8
Men’s Division 2
Kettering C        39
Corby T.C.         36
Burton Latimer  31.5
Thrapston B      26
Finedon            18.5
Thrapston C     10
Corby T.C. C     7
Ladies Division
Corby T.C.                51
Corby T.C.                44
Thrapston A              43
Ferrers & Rushden   42
Market Harborough   33
Oundle                      33
Thrapston B              20
Burton Latimer         13
Kettering                    9
Mixed Division 1
Corby T.C.        32
Rockingham     24
Thrapston A     24
Kettering          23
Geddington      11
Thrapston B      6
Mixed Division 2
Ferrers & Rushden 27.5
Oundle                    24
Thrapston C            21
Desborough            20
Burton Latimer B    15.5
Burton Latimer A    12
Team Spirit – 19th December 2015
Photo of club members and others at a session led by our coach, Peter Harding (on the left).
Thrapston Christmas Spirit!

Northampton Winter League – 2015/16

Ladies Doubles Div 2.  Thrapston A Team.  Capt: Vanessa Woodhead

The team came first with 71 points with Rugby B in second place with 66 points.

Men’s Doubles Div 7.  Thrapston A Team.  Capt: Henry Spencer

Thrapston A Team came top of their Division with 83 points.  In second place were Kilsby A with 76 points.

Men’s Doubles Div 7.  Thrapston B Team.  Capt: Simon Hossack

Thrapston B Team achieved 4th place in Division 7.